We are currently producing 35 million motors per year for the 3 main industries for which are are serving and with which we are cooperating.


Our production is composed of various sub divisions starting from the incoming materials to the final assembly of products. Final products are manufacturered through a series of operations including metallic component shearing of various dimensions, plastic component moulding, injection pressing, aluminium and alloy casting as well as mechanical finishing. The semi finished articles contribute to the 3 main final assembly of products for the automotive, household appliances and ventilation industries. The finished products are finally completed in automatic assembly lines.  



Our major product lines

Automotive Industry

  • Climate Control Actuators
  • Headlamp Levelling Actuators
  • Headlamp Washer Pumps
  • Windscreen Washer Pumps
  • Actuators for Locking Systems
  • Deflector Actuators
  • Rotary Solenoids

Household Appliances Industry

  • No-Frost Fan Motors
  • Shaded Pole Motors
  • Oven Fan Motors
  • Pumps

Ventilation Industry

  • External Rotor Motors
  • Brushless External Rotor Motors


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