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E-car - TIM 600



Typical Applications

TIM ( Traction Inverter Module ) 600 is a vector control AC motor drive especially designed for electric and hybrid vehicles. The main features are:
  • Digital Signal Processing based control
  • Smooth Motor Control
  • Complete adjustable regenerative braking levels on releasing the accelerator and on pressing the brake pedal.
  • The parameter can be update in real-time for adjustable the performance on own special features, the programming is quickly achieved with a standard laptop computer by RS-232 and by CAN - BUS (optional)
  • Total management of selecting gear change ( Drive, Economy, Reverse, Parking)
  • Economy mode: reducing the performance for increasing the autonomy.
  • Programmable digital tachometer output.
  • Autotuning of motor characteristics.
  • Under and Over Voltage Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overtemperature Protection

Electric and hybrid vehicles



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