Testing services

Cebi offers extensive state-of-the-art testing services from advanced development to complete product qualification.

Our offer

The newly inaugurated laboratory of Cebi Luxembourg offers a complete portfolio ranging from 3D printing and material analysis to mechanical, environmental and climatic testing, all the way to EMC testing. In addition, custom setups and tests may be offered based on long-standing expertise and know-how.

Cebi Luxembourg testing Laboratory
Central Localisation
Located at the heart of the Greater Region, Cebi's testing laboratory is easily accessible
Equipment Laboratory Cebi Luxembourg
State-of-the-art Equipment
The newly installed laboratory is fully equipped with machines meeting current and future standards
Experts at Cebi Luxembourg
Dedicated Experts
Experts with long-standing experience and know-how fully comprehend customer needs and requirements

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Our solutions

Thermal and climating chambers Cebi

Thermal and Climatic testing

Large range of chambers for product reliability evaluation under constant or variable climatic conditions (Temperature from -70° C to +300° C, Relative Humidity from 10% to 98%).

Thermal & Climatic chambers
shock testing cebi

Thermal shock testing

Multiple large-size and fully automated dual-zone thermal chambers for product performance and reliability testing under repetitive thermal shock from -80° C up to +250° C.

Thermal shock chambers
mechanical testing vibration bench Cebi

Vibration testing

Product evaluation for mechanical shock, 3-axis sine or random vibration up to 80KN, combined with climatic chamber from -70° C to 180° C and from 10% to 98% relative humidity.

Vibration benches
Dedicated climatic chambers
salt spray at Cebi Luxembourg

Environmental testing

Product evaluation for resistance to contaminants, dust and liquid intrusion (IP6, IPX9K, etc.) combined with thermal shock or immersion. Chemical degradation and corrosion testing in salt spray atmosphere.

IP equipment
Corrosion benches
EMC Cebi Luxembourg

Electromagnetic Compatibility testing

Full electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC) for emission, immunity, radiated, conducted and electrostatic compatibility against established automotive and industrial standards like CISPR25, CISPR16, ISO11452.

Shielded anechoic chamber
Instrumentation for Immunity, Emission & ElectroStatic Discharge
material analysis Cebi

Materials analysis

Plastic and metal materials performance testing and analysis, including failure analysis, based on fully equipped materials laboratory incorporating sample preparation, testing and analysis equipment.

3D Microscope
Material Characterization Equipment
3D printing Cebi Luxembourg

3D printing

Rapid prototyping facility with 3D printer for plastic materials to support testing, product development and fixtures for small scale production. 

3D Printer
Iso 9001 Cebi Luxembourg
IATF Cebi Luxembourg
Iso 14001 Cebi Luxembourg
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