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Cebi helps companies to innovate by designing and manufacturing creative electromechanical solutions for the automotive industry, household appliances and industrial applications.

Automotive - E-Mobility

Cebi Group has developed a broad range of products that improve safety, performance and comfort for every driver.

Household Appliances

Cebi supplies its products to a high percentage of appliance manufacturers worldwide.


Cebi's tailor-made solutions for setting air in motion are used in residential and industrial applications.

Innovation at the Heart of the Company

Cebi Group is at the forefront of innovation. Advanced automation, strong vertical integration of the production process and product development demonstrate our commitment towards performance to better serve our clients.  

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Cebi Testing Services - Your Innovation Partner

Drive your innovation with our testing service thanks to rapid testing process, extensive equipment and expert guidance.   

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Demystifying the World of Electromagnetism and EMC Testing

In our increasingly interconnected world, electronic and electrical devices are everywhere - from smartphones and cars to smart homes and self-driving vehicles. With all this technology around us, comes a hidden challenge: ensuring all these gadgets play nicely together, without electrical and magnetic interferences or disruption.

The role of electromechanical components

Let’s explore how the latest trends are reshaping these components, making them the critical conduit for bridging the gap between the physical and digital domains and driving the next wave of automotive progress.