About Us

Since 1976, Cebi Group has been manufacturing electromechanical products for the automotive and household appliance industries. Our product range covers components for temperature control and micromotors such as temperature sensors, fan motors, actuators for various applications or DC and gear motors. Cebi is the worldwide leader in automotive washer systems including pumps and various components. We are the European leader in the temperature sensor and closing mechanism markets.

Our mission is to deliver creative solutions that make people’s lives easier and safer by empowering our employees to excel.

Cebi's Mission

Our vision it to be the smartest organization in our industry, inspiring future generations.

Cebi Group Vision

Vertical integration of the production process is an important element within the Cebi Group. Many manufacturing operations within the material flow are done in-house, like stamping, molding and also electronics. In addition, we design and build our own equipment for our highly automated assembly lines.

A large proportion of our assembly lines are semi-automatic or fully automatic. This advanced technology allows us to provide flexibility within our production structure. Thanks to this sophisticated level of automation, Cebi can offer the possibility to produce just in time and to quickly turn around design changes that may be required.

Passion combined with our long-standing experience and know-how, enable our experts to develop high quality products that exceed our customers' requirements.

As one of the world leaders in manufacturing of electromechanical components for the automotive and household appliance industries, we are constantly testing and improving the quality of our products. We have set up seven R&D departments and we currently employ more than 260 experts fully dedicated to innovation and product enhancement.

All our production plants are in compliance with the following standards:

  • ISO 9001: Quality management
  • IATF 16949: Quality management
  • ISO 14001:Environmental management

For more information regarding our certifications, please contact us.