Innovation at Cebi

By investing considerably into the development of new technology, we are able to offer innovative high-end solutions to our customers. Cebi has been a pioneer in introducing electromechanical components and was also one of the first actors on the e-vehicle market. Today the key drivers are digitalization and integration of electronics, with Industry 4.0 concepts becoming a standard. Cebi has always maintained a high level of vertical integration with in-house expertise across the entire value chain. Our electronics are developed and produced internally. We are the global leader for actuators and washer systems including pumps and the European leader for temperature sensors and closing mechanisms. Our customer portfolio ranges from high volume producers all the way to niche high-value and prestige markets.

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R&D Centers

We operate seven R&D departments with more than 260 experts. Our R&D offices are co-located with lead manufacturing plants for quick turn around and effective product development and industrialization. Each R&D office has the lead on a group of product families.

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Innovation Roadmap

Building on over 40 years of know-how, Cebi has always been an innovation driver in the development of its components and its production processes. Vertical integration and automation are key elements of Cebi's manufacturing system. Over time, Cebi has set up its own testing laboratories all over the world and runs state-of-the art equipment and tools that enable fast turnaround innovation. As a result, Cebi has a strong record of introducing new products that are distinguished by their innovative content. We are actively engaged to extend this journey and serve our customers with a large pipeline of next generation products.

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Fields of Innovation

Product Innovation

  • Premium performance and reliability based on state-of-the art tools and competencies
  • New functionality through integration of electronics and software
  • High energy efficiency enabling advanced alternative propulsion

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System Integration

  • Optimized functionality through smart integration of components within vehicle systems or subsystems

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Industrialization Competence

  • Vertical integration from raw material to final product, including electronics
  • Dedicated in-house facility for development and production of fully automated assembly lines
  • Integrating Industry 4.0 concepts

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Open Innovation

Collaboration is an important accelerator to innovation. Therefore Cebi actively engages with well-known public and private partners, research institutions and industrial consortia to drive the development of new product and process technologies. This enables us to move ahead in a smarter and faster way each day and to remain a key provider of electromechanical solutions to the industry.