Automotive closing systems

Always focused on discovering new technologies, the automotive industry challenges our experts to improve the comfort of drivers and to increase the number of smart components. Cebi has developed a wide range of innovative solutions that assist in securely closing specific parts of a vehicle. Our goal is to reduce size and noise. Our selection includes: tail gate latches, actuators for filler flaps and e-charge modules and hood latches.

Actuators for Fuel Door and E-Charge Module

Our fuel door actuators use an electromechanical system to  close the filler flap for both thermal and electric vehicles. This product family can be split into two main groups. The first one is the "push-push" actuator group, a patented system, utilizing a light pressure to open the filler flap. The second one is the linear actuator group with a wide range of applications such as glove box, central console and rear deck. Additional innovations have more complex electronics, ceiling, reduced size and weight and are resistant to more severe environments.

Key characteristics

  • Large variety of designs based on customer requirements
  • From a basic mechanical version to high-line including switches and diagnostics
  • High water pressure resistance
  • Compact
  • Various mounting versions
  • Specific versions for E-cars and Hybrid-cars

fuel door latch, filler flap

Hood Latches

Cebi's hood latches can be purely mechanical or have an electrical cable. This device opens or closes the hood. Our hood latches are always unique and differ by their design and size based on customers' specifications. They can have an integrated E-cable or co-injected connector including a micro-switch for signal transmission. Our hood latch design is continually evolving and our aim is to produce a fully electrical latch that will assure similar functions and characteristics of a tail gate latch.

Key characteristics

  • High modularity
  • Large variety of designs based on customer requirements
  • E-cable with a micro-switch
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Twin latch system (two side latches) or single latch
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Integrated ejector

automotive actuator, automotive latch

Tail Gate Latches

Tail gate latches can be mechanical, electrical or self-closing. The main innovative characteristics focus on compact design, self-closing system in modular concepts, robustness, high comfort and reliability, low noise and high performance.

Key characteristics

  • Patent protected
  • High modularity
  • Large variety of designs based on customer requirements
  • From basic mechanical to self-closing system
  • Low noise emission
  • Compact size
  • Self-closing system (SCS Actuator)

tailgate latch, automotive latch

Self-Closing System

As on option for high-end vehicles, the self-closing system actuator can be connected to the tailgate latch through a bowden cable. It makes the latch close automatically. At the end of the closure process, the actuator resets. The self-closing actuator can be positioned independently from the latch and in different orientations.

Key characteristics

  • Very low noise
  • High closing force (up to 1000 N in all temperature and voltage range)
  • Interchangeability: possibility of connection with different latches
  • Two possible resets: Electrical or mechanical

Actuator, closing system automotive