Oil Pressure Switches

As a long term supplier of the main OEM'S, Cebi has developed a large range of oil pressure switches. Our product determines whether the oil pressure of an engine is lower or higher than a predefined threshold. As a direct result of our expertise and ability to adapt to customers' demands, we have established ourselves as a benchmark for oil pressure switches.

Key characteristics

  • European leader
  • High modularity
  • Large variety of designs based on customer requirements
  • Proven reliability

automotive switch, oil switch

Temperature Switches

The temperature switch uses the fast snapping bimetallic technology to control temperature. The "Single Stage" switch (version 264) and the "Double Stage" switch (version 268) are mainly designed for the automotive industry to control the engine cooling fan but they can also be used in general industrial applications. The "Single Pole" switch (version 267) is specifially designed for control equipment such as automatic chokes, oil temperature controls, injection cooling systems etc. Temperature switches are entirely developed and manufactured within Cebi Group and offer a high standard of temperature precision and flexibility.

Key characteristics

  • Proven reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Bimetallic technology
  • Benchmark temperature precision

automotive switch, temperature sensor

Differential Pressure Switches

Cebi's differential pressure switches are designed to detect fuel filter clogging by monitoring the clean and dirty chambers of the filter. Cebi works in close collaboration with the customers in order to satisfy their demands.

Key characteristics

  • Reliable reed technology
  • Direct signal commutation
  • Vibration resistance
  • Isolated ground
  • Insensitive environmental conditions
  • No mechanical or electrical wear of transducer

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