Automotive Valves

Cebi offers automotive valves for hydraulic regulation in fuel lines and liquid cooling systems. Our valves are self-actuated and they are embedded in a sealed plastic housing. Design, performance and quality rely on over 20 years of experience with this product family.

Our portfolio includes overpressure and non-return valves for the mechanical regulation of fuel lines. Cebi is well-known in the demanding automotive market due to the low pressure loss and minimal leakage flow of its valves.

Key characteristics

  • Large variety of designs based on customer requirements
  • Optimized through FEM (Finite Element Method)

overpressure valve, automotive valve

Cebi's thermostatic valves prevent paraffin formation in the fuel filter at low temperature by recirculation. Cebi has designed two different valve technologies: a bimetallic technology and a wax actuated technology. This enables Cebi to customize its product and offer to the customer a reliable and cost effective solution.

Key characteristics

  • Large variety of designs based on customer requirements
  • Bimetallic and wax technologies

thermostatic control valve, automotive valve

Cebi’s Cooling System Valves portfolio includes: spring loaded single or bi-directional regulation valves, check valves, flow restrictors and flow regulation manifolds (with or without integrated check valve or restrictor). Cebi provides full service support in terms of 3D modelling, 3D prototyping, fluid dynamics simulation and testing.

Key characteristics

  • 100% end of line functional and leakage control
  • In-house product validation
  • High cleanliness standards

Cooling system check valves and flow regulation manifolds