Cebi awarded by the FNR for an Industry 4.0 Project

09 Jul 2019

The FNR Luxembourg - Fonds National de la Recherche - has retained Cebi's project called "STABILITY 4.0".

Once again, Cebi follows the innovation path and will collaborate with the SnT via the FNR 2019-1 BRIDGES program. The BRIDGES program offers financial support to promote partnerships between public research institutions and (inter)national companies like Cebi Luxembourg S.A.

In the context of Cebi's global transition towards the fourth industrial revolution, Cebi has launched in April 2018 an important Industry 4.0 project at its Luxembourg production location. This digital shift will enable Cebi Luxembourg S.A. and, to a larger extend, the entire Group to increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), by systematically collecting and analyzing production data. Once transformed into useful information, the Artificial Intelligence algorithms ingest the collected data to provide deep analyses and recommendations about further decisions in order to improve the production or to predict failures. However, this information would be more valuable if it was linked to the product itself.

For this reason, Cebi Luxembourg has recently decided to launch STABILITY 4.0, an innovative research initiative with the SnT - Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust - of the University of Luxembourg, which is already providing greater assistance for the current Industry 4.0 @ Cebi project. With this thirty-month-partnership, Cebi and the SnT will collaborate to offer a secure and trusted way of collecting product data throughout the supply chain. This initiative will start in September 2019 and should enable a smarter traceability system. 

The STABILITY 4.0 aims at providing a suitable software infrastructure for ensuring trust, anomaly-free, and immutability in the traceability process in the industrial settings of Cebi.

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