Cebi awarded for Quality Excellence

27 Sep 2018

On Tuesday 18 September 2018 Cebi Luxembourg S.A. was invited to the 2017 GM Supplier Excellence Award Ceremony in Turin, Italy.

This event organized by General Motors gathered 150 GM suppliers on several categories such as delivery performance or quality and around 30 GM business decision-makers. The purpose of this event was to put the best 2017 suppliers in the spotlight for their implication and involvement. This ceremony did not only thank best suppliers but it also offered high-quality presentations on diverse topics valued by General Motors.

This year Cebi Luxembourg S.A. was nominated and awarded for the 2017 Supplier Quality Excellence. This award proves that a trust-based partnership has been setting in between Cebi and this worldwide car-manufacturer. Cebi has been supplying complete washer systems, temperature sensors and other electromechanical components to GM for more than twenty years.

The ceremony ended in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere discussing the visions shared by the companies with a focus on the importance of the quality in the automotive industry.

Elvinger, Elth, temperature sensors