Cebi goes greener: photovoltaic panels to support the environment

Cebi Luxembourg S.A. inaugurated its brand new installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of its factory in Steinsel. The energy produced by these panels is equivalent to the need of 110 households of 4 members.

03 Aug 2021

After having installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of Cebi Spain and Cebi Motors in a first phase, Cebi Group continues its commitment for a better ecological footprint by adding photovoltaic panels to the roof of Cebi Luxembourg S.A. In March 2021, 1.446 panels with a capacity of 462 MWh were installed, which correspond to the annual consumption of 110 households or 1.6 million kilometers driven by car. This allows Cebi Luxembourg S.A. to reduce its carbon footprint by around 200 tons of CO2 every year.

The photovoltaic system is an integral part of the environmental strategy set up by the Group few years ago. This strategy aims at optimizing all the Group's facilities and at raising employee awareness and responsibility to the environmental challenge.

"Respecting the environment is one of our commitments", insisted Lynn Elvinger, member of the Executive Board of Cebi Group. "Following the growing demand for carbon neutrality among our customers, we are seizing opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. Installing photovoltaic panels on the administrative building and on the production roof of Cebi Luxembourg S.A. is one of them."

Other sustainability initiatives were implemented across the Group over the past few years, such as the installation of heat recuperation units on Cebi Luxembourg's compressors, the fitting of LED lights in Cebi Brasil and Cebi Luxembourg, recycling initiatives in all production plants and a reforestation campaign in the Malinche zone for Cebi Mexico.

Thanks to this new installation, Cebi made an additional step towards a more sustainable future, which is an embedded value for the Group. Additional green initiatives are being discussed in order to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

Cebi Mexico goes greener