Cebi at the heart of Industry 4.0

Technology is in the spotlight at Cebi. Since 2018, the group dived into the fourth industrial revolution and has made significant progress in Industry 4.0.

08 Apr 2022

The constant evolution of technologies led to a revolution: Industry 4.0 and the pursuit to create intelligent factories based on connectivity. A few years ago Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality were considered separated notions. Nowadays, these concepts are unified and they are able to complement each other. The combined use of those technologies is preparing the industry to face major challenge: the creation of smart factories.

In 2018, Cebi began its Industry 4.0 program. The main ambition to implement smart connected solutions at shop floor level in order to strengthen the manufacturing capabilities while upgrading employees’ skills. The program enables a visual support for faster decision-making processes, while better anticipating any variations in the processes and optimizing predictive maintenance practices.

“Innovation was always at the forefront at Cebi and enabled to seize new business opportunities. Industry 4.0 is supporting the transition towards a data-driven model which will help us to support decisions made on experience and emotions. We need to build on the expertise of our teams and enhance it with the knowledge we can get from data.”

Paul Elvinger, Member of the Board

Industry 4.0 Equipment

In parallel to the main partnership between Cebi Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg, several pilot projects have been carried out in other production plants. For instance, worker digital support solutions have been implemented as well as AI based visual quality control, intelligent planning and scheduling tools, contribution of Big Data, improvement of decision making based on data and AI, prediction and simulation of events in order to improve the daily performance, etc. These help the group to develop its own Industry 4.0 solution leading to its deployment roadmap.

Cebi’s digital challenge in the production is to develop a solution for the Group that combines a secured data collection and analytics tools. This solution will improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations by providing employees decision support tools. Our vision of Industry 4.0 positions employees at the heart of the transition. The implemented solutions enable people in the plant to have an overview of the entire manufacturing equipment to better address the(ir) support towards quality, supply chain or maintenance teams. Industry 4.0 takes the best from data, the machine, and the people to create a smart solution being capable to adapt to factory needs and better serve Cebi’s customers.