Cebi invests in Spain

Villatuerta (Spain) - Cebi decided to invest more in their production plant in Navarre by adding an electronics clean room facility.

05 Jun 2017

For some years now, Cebi Electromechanical Components Spain S.A. has steadily been expanding their portfolio. More than 16 new R&D projects are ongoing and five new ones should begin by the end of this year. Currently around 10% of the plant employees are experts working in the R&D department. "Following the constant growth of customers' demand, we are forced to work in three shifts and on Saturdays", explains Fernando González, the General Manager of Cebi Spain. Despite these special working conditions, the production plant has reached its maximum capability and can't accept new projects without some improvements.

The purpose of this project is to build a clean room to develop and build the electronics for Cebi's automotive sensors, fuel heaters, switches, valves and more, and then to test them under specific conditions. The current location dedicated to this activity is approximately 270 m2. With the participation of the Navarre government, Cebi Group will invest around 1.5 million Euro in Research and Development to double this space.

The project consists of transferring some household appliance assembly lines to free space. After this first step, the Group will invest in new facilities, machines and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. New assembly lines dedicated to the automotive industry will be added. This development will enable the company to double their capacity, acquire new projects, improve working conditions and hire around 15 employees.

The clean room facility should be installed mid 2019.