Cebi Mexico was present at the CLELAC Mexico

From 7 to 9 September 2022, Cebi participated at the 9th edition of the Fair for Household Appliances CLELAC in Monterrey, Mexico.


15 Sep 2022

The Cebi Mexico team was present at the 9th edition of CLELAC (Cluster de Electrodomesticos AC), a major trade fair dedicated to the household appliances sector. The CLELAC fair is specially organized for professionals of this sector and is unique in Mexico. Cebi cannot miss this unique opportunity. That is why Cebi has been attending this event for several years now.

The objective of the event is to promote the business collaboration with existing and new providers in the household appliances sector. It is an occasion to meet key agents and companies in this sector with the aim of stimulating the household appliance sector.

Different activities were organized during the fair, such as conferences with important industry representatives. Meetings were also held with different partners such as producers, suppliers, workers, academic institutions and governmental agencies.

The fair is a good opportunity to do B2B (Business to Business) negotiations.

Due to the situation of Covid-19, the first day was face-to-face and the other two days were done remotely.

At the end of this fair, we can retain a good experience and good contacts with household appliance producers and subcontractors.

We would like to thank the Cebi Mexico team for their presence at the CLELAC fair to represent Cebi Group and our household appliance components.