Clean room - 100% operative

22 Oct 2019

Cebi Electromechanical Components Spain S.A. has invested in new facilities for the manufacturing of electronic devices for their production plant in Navarre.

The electronics clean rooms facilities are now fully operational. They include different rooms, each dedicated to one specific phase of the production process of a component such as cleaning, cutting, mounting, or an ISO7 room for R&D. All the rooms are ESD protected areas with temperature humidity and pressure control.

With this investment, the plant is able to develop, build and then test under specific conditions, the electronics for a lot of Cebi's product including fuel heaters, water presence sensors, oil level sensors or pressure sensors. All of them are 100% verified and marked for security measures.

The development of this new infrastructure as well as all the adaptations and improvements coming out of it will enable Cebi Spain to acquire new projects, develop new solutions, improve employees' working conditions and hire around 15 people.

Have a look at our new clean room facility.