New product at Cebi: Aesthetic Molded Parts

08 Feb 2021

Back in 2019, Cebi Brasil launched the first large plastic injection molded part for General Motors do Brasil. Since that time, more and more parts with various shapes, sizes and functions were added, leading to the introduction of a new product family called Aesthetic Molded Parts.

This product family can be divided in three categories: Class A Surface, Texture and Painted Surface.

The Class A surface is a visible interior or exterior vehicle surface, where the appearance is the main attribute. Therefore, a smooth and continuous shape and surface finish are critical. The Texture category includes all parts with a specific type of surface providing a visual and tactile impression, following customer design criteria. The Painted Surface category pertains to exterior parts that are painted in custom color for styling aspect and environmental resistance.

Cebi uses its largest injection molding equipment, a 1400 ton press equipped with robot and integrated assembly line.

Cebi currently produces 3 400 parts per day for two different customers.

Cebi new product : Aesthetic Molded parts