Innovative sensor cleaning system for electric and automated vehicles

Cebi is proud to announce the series introduction of its latest generation sensor cleaning system for premium “new mobility” applications. With electric powertrains and automated drive functions, these vehicles rely more and more on cameras and optical sensing devices that need to be kept clean. The Cebi sensor cleaning system improves the drive experience while increasing the safety of the vehicle.

26 Jan 2023

The Cebi sensor cleaning system includes numerous innovations among which:

  • Liquid volumes up to 12 liters, providing ample reserve to keep sensors and cameras clean for long distance even under severe driving conditions;
  • External filling ports with the Cebi patented actuator for convenient re-fill;
  • Multi-level liquid sensing for better evaluation of remaining cleaning capacity;
  • Up to four performance-enhanced washer pumps with upgraded EMC noise suppression tailored to the needs of electric vehicles.
  • A new-patented acoustic decoupling system, eliminating transmission of structural noise to the vehicle body and keeping the electric ride free of annoyance. The patent covers both utility model and functionality.

The modular system easily adapts to the vehicle equipment level, so that a single design can cover the entire range of vehicle options. Developed by Cebi Luxembourg, these systems may be manufactured in any of the Cebi plants around the world, close to the vehicle assembly locations.



Acousting Decoupling system