Have a look at what is happening at Cebi. New openings, important events, innovative products, we definitely have something that will catch your attention.

Cebi at the heart of Industry 4.0

Technology is in the spotlight at Cebi. Since 2018, the group dived into the fourth industrial revolution and has made significant progress in Industry 4.0.

Cebi Micromotors Switzerland receives a green label

As mentioned in our previous news, Cebi Group is continuously optimizing the overall energy efficiency to reduce the CO2 footprint of its production plants. Today the focus is on our Swiss production plant, Cebi Micromotors Switzerland, which was recently rewarded for its climate and environmental commitment.

Cebi goes greener: photovoltaic panels to support the environment

Cebi Luxembourg S.A. inaugurated its brand new installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of its factory in Steinsel. The energy produced by these panels is equivalent to the need of 110 households of 4 members.

Cebi celebrates the opening of its new laboratory in Luxembourg (Steinsel)

With its newly inaugurated laboratory at the cutting edge of technology, Cebi wants to expand its activities.